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freedom of choice

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Q: Which feature of the US system of government is the most essential aspect of democracy?
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What is a feature of democracy?

One aspect of democracy is being able to express yourself more freely there are none there are none

Do Canadians vote?

Yes, Canadians who are eligible to vote can participate in federal, provincial, and municipal elections by casting their vote for their chosen candidate or party. Voting is an essential aspect of Canadian democracy, allowing citizens to have a say in shaping the government and policies that impact their communities.

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Where does republicanism come from?

The Republic is a form of government in which the power resides in the people. The Republic likely formed in early Rome prior to the dynasties of emperors. Republics were not equated with classic forms of government, such as those in Athens, but are key to the aspect of democracy.

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Which aspect of the US government is best lilustrated in the cartoon description

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