Which is higher lord or earl?

Updated: 8/19/2023
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no, an earl owns land, but isn't royal. a lord is royal.

that may not be right, i believe the prior answer may be backwards, i think earls are usually royal family members such as cousins that are given land, and a lord is someone who is the owner of some land

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From what I understand, Lord is simply a way to show respect or a title for example, Queen Elizabeth, Lord of Mann.

Earl is a ranking, lower than a duke or a marquess, but higher than a viscount and baron.

(This is an easy way to remember: Do Men Ever Visit Boston)

So, there is no 'which is higher', Lord is a formal way to address nobility and Duke is a ranking.

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Q: Which is higher lord or earl?
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Is a duke higher ranking than a lord?

There are no Counts in the UK. However, the wife of an Earl is a Countess. The ranks (top to bottom) of the nobility are: Duke Marquess Earl (aka count) Viscount Baron

Which is the order of rank duke earl baron lord viscount marquis?

"Five ranks of peer exist in the United Kingdom, in descending order, these are: duke, marquess, earl, viscount, and baron. The title 'Lord' is used most often by barons who are rarely addressed with any other. The style of this address is 'Lord (X)', for example, Alfred Tennyson, 1st Baron Tennyson, is commonly known as 'Lord Tennyson'. The ranks of marquess, earl and viscounts commonly use lord as well, with viscounts using the same style as used for baron. However, marquesses and earls have a slightly different form of address where they can be called either the 'Marquess/Earl of (X)' or 'Lord (X)'. Dukes also use the style, 'Duke of (X)', but it is not acceptable to refer to them as 'Lord (X)'. Dukes are formally addressed as 'Your Grace', rather than 'My Lord'."Use the little mnemomic: "Do Men Ever Visit Boston."

Is the son of an Earl called an Earl Expectant or an Expectant Earl?

No. The eldest son of an Earl usually takes on one of his father's lesser titles: for instance say the Earl of X also has the titles Viscount Y and Baron Z. The Earl's son is thus known as Viscount Y. If Viscount Y has a son in his father's lifetime, that son, the Earl's grandson becomes known as Baron Z. Note that these titles are courtesy titles, and are not official. The Earl of X's son may be known as Viscount Y, but the official Viscount Y is still the Earl himself. Note also that in some cases an Earl will not have any lesser subsidiary titles (i.e. the Earl Temple of Stowe). In such a case, the Earl's son and heir will be given a made-up title (the Earl Temple's son is known as Lord Langton, a title that does not legally exist). These same rules apply to Dukes and Marquesses, but not to Viscounts or Barons: sons of Viscounts and Barons are not entitled to courtesy titles.

What do you call a female earl?

They are known as the Earl and Countess

What is a vassalage?

Vassalage is the relationship between the feudal lord and his vassal. Kings had higher lords as vassals, and higher lords had lower lords as vassals. The practice was called subinfeudation.

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How do you address an Earl?

On envelopes: The Rt Hon The Earl Of London*Salutation: My Lord, or Dear Lord LondonIn person: My Lord, or Your Lordship, or Lord London*Example

What is noble title?

Lord or earl

Who became the viceroy of India after Lord Curzon?

The Lord Curzon of Kedleston was succeeded by The Earl of Minto and preceded by The Earl of Elgin, in the post of Viceroy of India.

Who is the gray cup named after?

you meant to say who is it named after and its Earl Grey

What is higher than a lord?

The hierarchy of English peerage is (in order of importance) : 1. King 2. Duke 3. Marquess 4. Earl 5. Viscount 6. Baron 'Lord' is a formal way of addressing nobility and royalty.

Is a duke higher ranking than a lord?

There are no Counts in the UK. However, the wife of an Earl is a Countess. The ranks (top to bottom) of the nobility are: Duke Marquess Earl (aka count) Viscount Baron

What was the Chronological order of Viceroys of India?

1858-1862: The Earl Canning 1862-1863: The Earl of Elgin 1863: Sir Robert Napier 1863-1864: Sir William Denison 1864-1869: Sir John Lawrence 1869-1872: The Earl of Mayo 1872: Sir John Strachey 1872: The Lord Napier 1872-1876: The Lord Northbrook 1876-1880: The Lord Lytton 1880-1884: The Marquess of Ripon 1884-1888: The Earl of Dufferin 1888-1894: The Marquess of Landsowne 1894-1899: The Earl of Elgin 1899-1905: The Lord Curson of Kedleston 1905-1910: The Earl of Minto 1910-1916: The Lord Hardinge of Penshurst 1916-1921: The Lord Chelmsford 1921-1926: The Earl of Reading 1926-1931: The Lord Irwin 1931-1936: The Earl of Willingdon 1936-1943: The Marquess of Linthligow 1943-1947: The Vicsount Wavell 1947: The Viscount Mountbatten of Burma

Which English earl went missing in 1974?

Lord Lucas.

What is the title of the second son of an earl?

The second son of an Earl is just addresses as Lord as his daughters would be Ladies. Their full names would be The Honourable Lord/Lady [forename surname].

What does great lord mean?

The great lord is simply a lord who is greater than some other lord. To a baron, this might be a count or earl. To a count or earl, it might mean a duke or king. The king was usually, but not always, at the top of the pyramid; sometimes a duke, prince, or emperor was at the top.

Who was the First Sea Lord during the American Revolution?

Earl of Sandwich.

Who is Lord March?

Charles Henry Gordon-Lennox, the Earl of March.