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Corroborated sources of historical evidence.



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Corroborated sources of historical evidence

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Q: Which is necessary to validate a claim about an event in history?
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What is the most important event in history of nz?

what is the most important event in history of N.Z?

What is a testament?

A statement or event which stands in support of a specific claim.

What is the most important event of all history?

The most important event in all history is the coming of Jesus Christ.

Why would a political scientist wish to consult multiple sources of information on a topic?

to corroborate a given primary source's claim about an event

Does history mean origin?

History can me seen as aaggreate of past event (Improved) History is defined as "Past event's." Where as Origin is defined as "Place of beginning", or where the event/product/idea/person/place/thing -Originated- from.

Why was shays rebellion a significant event in the nations history?

Explain Why shay's Rebellion was a significant event I'm the nation's history.

What does history call this event?

a massacre

In the event of a firm's dissolution the firm claim on its assets belong to?


In the event of a firm's dissolution the first claim on its assets belongs to whom?


What is claim of cause?

A claim of cause asserts that one event or factor has directly led to another event or outcome. It seeks to establish a causal relationship between the two variables, arguing that one is the reason for the occurrence of the other.

How are geography and history connected?

That every single event in the history has a Geographic place

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the event of these metal is they all found in earth