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it raised the amount of tax placed on molasses

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Q: Which is not true about the Sugar Act?
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The american revenue act was commonly known as?

The Sugar Act

Law that imposed a tax on molasses suger and other products in the colonies?

sugar act

What act happened first the stamp act or the sugar act?

the sugar act came first

Did the Sugar Act of 1934 regulate sugar imports?

The Sugar Act of 1934 regulated sugar imports

What happened the the sugar act?

The Sugar Act was a tax put on sugar by King George.

A sentence that uses the word sugar act?

The Sugar Act was passed by the British in 1764 to regulate the sugar trade in the American colonies.

Was the stamp act before or after the sugar act?

After. The stamp act was added in 1765 and the sugar act was improved in 1764.

What time was sugar act?

The Sugar Act went in to effect in 1764.

When did the sugar act started?

The sugar act supposedly started in 1764.

Which act cut in half the tax of raw sugar?

The Suger Act of 1764

Did the Sugar Act of 1934 regulate domestic sugar production?

The Sugar Act of 1934 regulated domestic sugar production

How did rebeca franks contributed to the sugar act?

how did Rebbecca franks contributed to the stamp act/sugar act/quartering act/townshend act?