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I think King Kalakaua ?

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Q: Which king built the iolani palace in Hawaii?
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What is a famous landmark in Hawaii?

Diamond HeadWaikiki BeachThe Royal Hawaiian Hotel (Pink Palace)King Kamehameha StatuePunchbowlPearl HarborHaleakala CraterWaimea FallsIao ValleyLahaina Harbor

Why was LA built?

It was built as a Palace for the King.

Why was la conciergerie built?

It was built as a Palace for the King.

What US state was once ruled by a queen?

Hawaii is the only U.S. state that was once a kingdom with its own monarchy. The only real royal palaces in the United States are in Hawaii. The Iolani Palace was completed in 1882, during the reign of David Kalakaua, the last king of Hawaii. It had electricity years before the White House. The first King of Hawaii Was King Kamehameha I, and the last to rule was Queen was Liliuokalani. See the related link for further information.

Why was La?

It was built as a Palace for the King.

What is the name of the place King Kalakaua and Queen Liliuokalani lived?

Although the name of the palace was 'Iolani Palace, I'm not sure where Kalakaua lived. Liliuokalani lived at Washington Place which was actually the home of her mother-in-law.

Who built mysur palace?

King Yaduraya first built a palace inside the Old Fort in Mysore in the 14th century.

Was the palace at knossos built by king midas?


Which king built a magnificent palace to honor the goddess Ishtar?

King Sennacherib

This royal palace in France home of the famous hall of mirrors was built for king Louis XIV?

You are asking about Versailles the palace he built from a hunting lodge.

Who built 55 windows palace of Bhaktapur?

Built by Jitamitra malla the former king

Who was Fishbourne Roman Palace built for?

King Toggidubnus or Coggidubnus