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Q: Which letter on the map marks the area settled by Spanish colonists?
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Does November have any accent marks in Spanish?

In Spanish "noviembre" does not have any accent marks. Note that the months are not capitalized in Spanish.

What is 'quotation marks' when translated from English to Spanish?

Comillas is a Spanish equivalent of the English phrase "quotation marks." The feminine plural noun also translates as "inverted commas" and "speech marks" in English. The pronunciation will be "ko-MEESH-shas" in Uruguayan Spanish.

What is Amanda in Spanish?

It is the same as in English but just with a Spanish accent and accent marks.

How do you say on your marks in spanish?

En sus marcas.

What is the squiggly punctuation mark over the letter n in spanish called?

It is called a tilde. It is one of many marks that can be placed above, below, within or between letters of various alphabets, including the marks that are called accents. They all fall under the category of diacritical marks, or diacritics.

Did in Spanish?

"Did" in Spanish is an upside down question mark. There is no "did" word in Spanish. In fact, "do" and others also are upside down question marks.

What is the accent mark above letters called?

They're called Gras. That's what our Spanish teacher told us in highschool. Normally, it is called a "tilde". That is also the squiggly line above the Spanish letter ñ.

What year marks the true beginning of Spanish history in Arizona?


Do you put a capital letter after speech marks?

Yes, the first letter of the first word following closing quotation marks should typically be capitalized.

How do you say in Spanish Can you speak Spanish?

¿Puede/pueden/puedes/podéis hablar español?. In Spanish, we always use two opposite question marks: ¿?

Is Spanish the only language to use upside down punctuation marks?

No, Spanish is not the only language to use upside down punctuation marks. They are also used in languages like Asturian, Galician, and Waray-Waray. These marks help distinguish the beginning and end of questions or exclamations in written text.

Does using a restrictively endorsed check stating if they cash it then they agree to remove all negative marks from your credit work?

No. You must request the collection agency include in the payoff agreement a written letter to CRA's. The letter should state that the debt that was in dispute has been settled to the full satisfaction of both parties. Ask for a copy of the letter before you render payment or sign any agreement.