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This is a broad question. Handsomeness is considered a form of beauty and as they say, Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Features of Handsomeness include good body proportion (not skinny, not fat or too overtly muscular), good height (not too short or lanky),attractive proportionate facial features. On a man a certain amount of facial hair and/or even bodily hair (not too much, just enough to keep it interesting) can enhance his handsomeness. Though ultimately it all depends on tastes & desires of the individual who's looking.

I also get the impression your question may have national/racial aspect to it. The answer to which is that there are beautiful handsome men in every nation/race as well as there are people who are considered unattractive. Every nation and culture has its own standards as to what constitutes beauty in men.

Again it's all down to individual preference.

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Q: Which men are considered the most handsome?
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