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Thin clients require fewer components than standard

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Q: Which of the following is true about thin clients?
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When was Caldera Thin Clients created?

Caldera Thin Clients was created in 1998.

Can push technology be applied to thin clients?


What are HP Thin Clients mostly used for?

HP Thin Clients are mainly used as affordable business computers. They can be used for a variety of things and are powerful enough to run most software.

Are thin clients coming on strong for the PDA markets?

"No, thin clients represent such a small percentage of the market that there isn't much hope for them. There is a lot of competition and variety in PDA to appeal to customers."

Which of the following statements about soil formation is true?

Soil formation is a slow process that involves the weathering of rocks, the addition of organic matter, and the action of microorganisms.

Which db2 clients provide graphical administration tools?

thin client

What is a cheap thin client used for?

Cheap thin clients are used as a cheap method of doing work for a different computer or computer program, called the server. They are often cheaper than fat clients.

What are the implications of thin and fat clients for a server?

"Fat" clients already have their software (OS, apps, etc.) usually available to them. A "thin" client does not, and therefore has to download the software from a server. The net effect would cause the server to be busier (depending on the number of thin clients making requests). It may also take several attempts to successfully download the software depending on network quality.

Answer How to configure an LTSP Server for Thin Clients?

see related links for more information.

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Clients connecting to a network over RAS links do not have the ability to print true or flase?


Where can one purchase thin client terminals?

Thin clients are available to be purchased from many stores providing server equipment, as well as directly from the manufacturers, such as HP or Wyse.