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All miltaristic societies are candidates for this: * Sparta * Prussia * Japan

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Q: Which people emphasized duty strength and discipline?
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What statement best summarizes the difference between Sparta?

Sparta focused on military strength, discipline, and a strict social structure, valuing duty to the state above all else. Athens, on the other hand, emphasized democracy, education, arts, and philosophy, valuing individual freedom and intellectual pursuits.

Differences between living in Athens Sparta?

Athens was a democratic city-state focused on culture, art, and philosophy. In contrast, Sparta was a militaristic society that valued discipline and military strength above all else. Athenians emphasized education and individualism, while Spartans prioritized duty to the state and physical fitness for warfare.

What were Sparta's beliefs?

Sparta's beliefs were centered on duty, discipline, and military excellence. They emphasized the importance of physical strength, courage, and loyalty to the state above all else. The city-state also valued austerity, simplicity, and adherence to strict social norms.

What type of army did Machiavelli consider the best?

Machiavelli believed that a citizen army composed of free men who were loyal to the state and invested in its well-being was the best type of army. He emphasized the importance of training, discipline, and civic duty among soldiers in such an army.

What qualities of the athenain life does pericles mention and how does these contrast with those that archidamus point out for sprta?

Pericles emphasized the values of democracy, freedom, and individuality in Athenian life. He highlighted qualities like openness to new ideas and diversity. In contrast, Archidamus from Sparta emphasized discipline, obedience, and military excellence as the key values in Spartan life. He valued conformity and a strong sense of duty to the state.

What is the puritan's view of work and worldly success?

Puritans believed in the concept of the "Protestant work ethic," which emphasized hard work, discipline, and thrift as ways to demonstrate one's faithfulness to God. They viewed worldly success as a sign of divine favor, but also emphasized the importance of humility and avoiding excessive materialism or pride. Overall, Puritans saw work and success as opportunities to glorify God and fulfill one's religious duty.

What Stoic taught that people have a duty to serve their city?

The Stoic philosopher Marcus Aurelius believed that individuals have a duty to serve their city and society by upholding justice and acting virtuously in their roles as citizens. He emphasized the importance of contributing to the common good and living in accordance with nature and reason.

What levels used on a SITREP report is defined as reduced strength 59 percent or less fit for duty?

Red indicates reduced strength 59% or less fit for duty.

Does an employer have to pay an employee for time off of work due to jury duty in Indiana?

yes an employer has to pay the employee for jury duty and can not fire or discipline the employee in any way for time lost due to jury duty

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What is Asan Memorial Senior Secondary School's motto?

The motto of Asan Memorial Senior Secondary School is 'Duty, Integrity, Discipline'.

What is the motto of Sri Pavuluri Subbarao Public School?

The motto of Sri Pavuluri Subbarao Public School is 'Duty, Discipline, Dedication'.