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he united china, and built the great wall of china.

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Q: Which policies of qin ruler Shi Huangdi caused the greatest resentment among the people?
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. Which policies of Qin ruler Shi Huangdi caused the greatest resentment among the people?

he united china, and built the great wall of china.

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The Qin ruler Shi Huangdi caused a great resentment among the people. Shi Huangdi believed in the Legalist way of running the country. He tried to wipe out Confucian teachings. He killed 460 Confucianists. He also burned all books that contained ideas he disliked. He also wanted a strong government. In order to do this, he weakened the nobles by keeping guard of them in thecapital Lastly, when he united China, hewantedto build a long wall along China's northern borders to keep out invaders. He forced thousands ofpeasantsand criminals to build it. May workers died form hard labor.

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