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The king was more to blame.

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Q: Which side is most to blame for civil war the king or parliament?
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Who was the King of england during the civil war?

king CharlesMany, if not all countries have at some point experienced civil war. England has experienced at least thirteen periods of internal conflict that some historians refer to as civil wars. The war most often referred to as the English Civil war started with Charles the First as King and ended with his execution. His son, Charles the Second took over when the monarchy was restored.During the American civil war, Victoria was Queen of England.During the Spanish civil war it was Edward the Eighth followed by George the sixth.

Why was English Civil War important?

The English Civil War was a series of wars between the forces of the English Parliament (led by Oliver Cromwell) and the royalists supporting King Charles I. The major basis for the conflict was the power of the monarch as opposed to the right of citizens and their legislative representatives. The most prominent of the conflicts was the First Civil War, from 1642 to 1646, ending with the imprisonment of Charles. The second war, from 1648 to 1649 was between the rival factions over miltary supremacy and the influence of the king. It ended with the executions of prominent Royalists including the beheading of Charles, and the establishment of the Commonwealth of England as a republic on May 19, 1649. The final war, from 1649 to 1651, pitted Charles II and the Scots against the Parliamentarian militias, but popular sentiment among the people led to the failure of the Royalists to regain power. By 1652, the remainder of the supporters of the monarchy were forced to acknowledge defeat. The result was the establishment of the Commonwealth of England 1. The English Civil War started in 1642 when Charles I raised his royal standard in Nottingham. 2. There were only three major battles in the English Civil War - Edge Hill near Birmingham in 1642, Marston Moor in Yorkshire 1644 and Naseby in Northamptonshire 1645. 3. In the end it was Parliament who was the stronger army. 5. There were always two forces competing for rule of the country 6. The Civil War led to the trial and execution of Charles I.

How did King Charles I lose the civil war?

Charles I was defeated in the Civil War for a number of reasons:-Rich supporters of Charles' ran out of money so he couldn't get supplies.His soldiers were badly equipped.He had no money to train and pay his soldiers.Parliament chose well experienced commanders. (Cromwell and Fairfax)Parliament controlled the south-east of the country which was the richest part.John Pym set up a organised system to supply Parliament with money.The Navy supported Parliament, so it was easier to get supllies and men from abroad.

What were two causes of the English Civil War?

There were several causes of the English Civil War, the majority of them were centered on the beliefs and reign of Charles I. Two of the main causes of the English Civil War were parliament's anger over Charles I divine rule and centralized structure of church government as well as his increase in taxation without consulting parliament.

How did the the events of the English civil war the restoration and the glorious revolution lead to the system of government that England has today?

In the 17th century, the English Civil War (a set of three distinct conflicts occurring between 1642 and 1651) led in several ways to the system of government that the United Kingdom (or, England) has today. The most important result of the Civil War was the formal limitation of monarchical power in England: no longer would English kings rule absolutely; henceforth, their rule would be counter-balanced (and otherwise limited) by the English Parliament.

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Why does the declaration of independence blame the king instead of parliament?

The reason was mainly because the King had most of the power in that time. Unlike today, where Parliament would have most of the power with the king as the figurehead, Parliament was only an advisory body.

Did parliament use pike men in the civil war?

Can't say I am certain, but most likely. Most likely the King had cavalry and pike men were the most effective was to stop them, though they may have been called spearmen ( not too different)

What is the most powerful representative body in the world?

the house of Parliament in England was. king george 111 was also. the house of Parliament in England was. king george 111 was also.

Are the members of the executive branch members of Parliament?

Most Ministers and all parliamentary secretaries are Members of Parliament. Those Ministers who aren't MPs are Senators. The Governor General and civil servants are not Members of Parliament.

How did Martin Luther King Jr be civil rights leader?

Which method for achieving civil rights is most associated with Martin Luther King, Jr.?

How did the royal Navy help parliament in the English civil war?

One of the most important reasons that Parliament won is the royal navy. Parliament had control of the royal navy, who guarded the isle of Britain, so that the king couldn�t get any supplies from the rest of Europe across the sea, or even from Ireland. He also couldn�t recruit any troops from across the sea. This was a huge advantage to Parliament.

Who is the most famous leader in the modern civil rights movement?

Martin Luther king Jr. was the most influential leader of the civil rights movement

Is England ruled or governed by parliament or king and queens HELP?

England is ruled using a constitutional monarchy. This means that there is a king and queen who do have some power, but most of the power comes through the people by means of Parliament.

Who did the writers of the Declaration Of Independence blame most for the wrongs that had been committed against the American Colonies?

King George III, referred to in the second paragraph as "the present King of Great Britain" then referred to as "He" in the list of grievances

How did the English Civil War lead to the rise of the Commonwealth?

the English civil war was won by Oliver Cromwell (a member of the parliament) who was fighting for democracy. since he won the war, the parliament executed Charles I because of the charge of treason against him. England eventually became a democratic government. at first, the parliament ruled the country, but eventually, they couldn't seem to do the job, so they asked Oliver Cromwell to rule the country, since he was the most enthusiastic suitable and for the job. Oliver Cromwell refused, because he didn't want to have had killed the king just to take his place as king. so he ruled as the government, and kept England democratic...

What was the 1960s peace movement?

peace movement was like the civil war . Martin Luther king said '' do most good dijd

Why did the Britain civil war started?

The English Civil War started because King Charles 1 considered himself to be above the laws of the country and would prevent parliament from meeting unless his demands, (usually for money), were met. He also angered the people of Scotland enough for them to invade England, so Charles had to recall parliament to give him the money to fight the Scots army. This sort of thing happened too often for most members of parliament and when Charles sent 300 soldiers to arrest 5 members of parliament he realised he had gone too far. Charles then travelled to Oxford to raise an army against the representatives of his people and parliament retaliated with an army of their own.