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of course stability of self bias circuit is much greater than fixed bias circuit

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Q: Which stability is greater between self bias and fixed bias?
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Why fixed bias is called fixed bias?

I know nothing about fixed bias,So I try this web to know but this web address fail to answer my question.What_is_fixed_bias_circuitthis is a fake web it can't help anyoneSudip

What are the characteristics of fixed bias?

It is a bias of a fixed voltage supplied by a separate low-power bias supply. Early radios used a 9 v tapped bias battery. In some amplifiers fixed bias can be dispensed with and the bias voltage is derived from one of the currents in the circuit.

What are the different types of biasing?

Fixed Bias,Self Bias, Forward Bias, Reverse Bias

What are the factors that affect the bias stability of a transistor?


Why emitter bias is more stable than fixed bias?

negative feedback

What is the difference between constant current bias and current mirror circuit?

current mirror circuit produce more stability as compared to biased circuit.

What are the different types of biasing technique for amplifier?

Base resistor method (or) Fixed bias methodBiasing with feedback resistor (or) Collector to base bias methodVoltage divider bias (or) Self bias

Can you find me a science article about fixed bias?

Go to

What are the applications of fixed bias circuit?

low input impedance

Advantages and disadvantage of self bias circuit?

the advantage of self bias circuit will be stable for greater range of amplitude signal than the fixed biased amplifier circuit the disadvantage is it only partially effective and therefore is only used where moderate changes in ambient temperature are expected

What are the types of FET biasing circuit?

Various FET biasing circuits are as follows: 1. Fixed bias 2. Self bias 3. Potential divider bias 4. Current-Source bias

What are the applications of fixed bias amplifier circuit?

low input impedance