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France and England competed for influence in India.

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2018-04-15 08:37:22
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Q: Which two European nations competed for influence in India?
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What European country had biggest influence in India?

Britain would have had the biggest influence in India.

How did India and Africa become part of the british empire?

By conquests from several European nations. The European nations had many firearms, and Africa and India did not have that many at all compared to the Europeans. This caused conquests and how India and Africa became part of the British Empire

Which country was carved into spheres of influence by European powers in the late nineteenth?


What areas did European nations control?

The nations that europe controlled are india bangladesh and pakistan also some parts of the mihikladan city in china

Who were the three European Nations that competed for Indian Trade and military allies?

Original answer - French, English ans Spanish Amended answer - No - the treaty of Tordesillas in 1494 meant that Spain was effectively limited to colonising the Americas. It was therefore Portugal (not Spain) who joined England & France in colonising India.

What three countries competed for the east India company?

No countries competed for the East India Company; it was British and never for sale. But other countries traded - sometimes through 'East Indies' companies of their own - with India and competed with the East India Company, such as the French, the Portuguese and the Dutch.

Why did British came to india?

Trade, influence and a strong competitive position against other imperial nations.

How did Britain influence India?

Britain did not influence india.

What was the other religion in India that competed with Buddhism?


How did Abraham Lincoln influence India?

He did not influence India directly.

Which generalization best explains the creation of the nations of India and Pakistan in 1947?

Religious conflicts may have a strong influence on political events

Who was the colonial power that ruled India?

Many different European nations controlled parts of India over the years, but almost all of Modern-day India was controlled by the United Kingdom until 1947.

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