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Q: Which was the poorest of the Yugoslav republics before independence?
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Who was the poorest yugoslav republics before independence?

Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (Vardar Banovina). More info - The wealthy Slovenia and Croatia went independent in 1991, then followed by FYROM. After that Bosnia went independent in 1992. Serbia and Montenegro never declared independence and have kept the name Yugoslavia for their own Union.

What were Texas and Vermont before they became a part of the US?

They were independent republics.

What is the USSR?

Union of Soviet Socialist Republic.It was disbanned over 10 years ago and the various republics such as the Ukraine obtained their independence.

What were Vermont and Texas before they became part of the US?

They were independent republics.

What were Texas and Vermont before they became part of the United States?

They were independent republics

Which state was the fifth richest in the nation before the civil War but is the poorest today?


What was Central Park before it was a park?

Before it was a park, it was a cluster of villages where roughly 1,600 of the city's poorest residents lived.

Was there a rebuplic before rome?

Some of the Greek city-states were republics, Athens for example.

Which country ruled Trinidad and tobago before independence?

the british ruled Trinidad before independence

Who ruled Bolivia before they won their independence?

Bolivia was ruled by Spain before it achieved independence.

Which country ruled Botswana before independence?

The queen of England (queen Elizabeth) ruled Botswana before independence.

Poverty before independence?

Poverty before independence is a variety of methods have been proposed to measure it. This is shown on a map.