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ski sorts

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Q: Who also fought against the French at Louisburg Nova Scotia?
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Who fought against the french at louisburg Nova Scotia?

ski sorts

Who did the French fight in the French and Indian?

The French fought against the British.

Who was the peasant girl who fought against England with the french troops?

JOAN OF ARC was the peasant girl who fought against England with the french troops

What were the two tribes who fought in the french and Indian war?

The French and the Indians fought together. the British and Americans fought together against the french and Indians. was that exiting.

Who did the French fight against in the French revolution?

The French revolutionists (the 3rd estate, the bourgeoisie) fought against their monarchical system.

Who fought the war of liberation against the french?


Who fought against each other in the French and Indian war?

The British and the French

Was it the French and the british who fought in the French revolution?

No, it was the French only since it was a civil war - French against French. It was mostly the poor and idealists against monarchy and the nobility.

Who fought against one another in the Reolutionary War?

the Americans fought against the british (the french eventually came in on the side of the Americans)

Who fought with the colonists against the british?

The French fought with the colonists, and the Spanish helped somewhat as well

Who traded with the French and fought with them against the British?

native americans

Who fought against who in french and Indian war?

It was mainly England.