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Q: Who are famous responsible people?
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Famous people that were responsible for Pennsylvania becoming a state?

Benjamin Franklin.

Why did Adolf Hitler become famous?

He's famous for being a Chancellor of Germany, but more so for being responsible for the Holocaust and the killing of millions of people.

What is responsible fot the differences in people?

DNA is responsible for the differences in people.

What is responsible for the differences in people?

DNA is responsible for the differences in people.

Is the krogger family famous?

The Krogger family does not seem to be famous. There is a famous Kroger family who are responsible for a chain of grocery stores.

Why is mothman famous?

It was believed that the mothman was responsible for the collapse of the Silver Bridge, which killed hundreds of people on the bridge. hundreds of people didnt die on the bridge, only 46 people died, 2 of which bodies were never recovered.

The Colorado River is responsible for which famous feature?

The Grand Canyon.

What famous person was responsible for the process of pasteurization?

Louis Pasteur

What was the most famous thing Napoleon did?

He was responsible for the creation of the Napoleonic Code.

What famous person is Karl Silberbauer responsible for arresting?

Anne Frank

What does deemed responsible mean?

if someone is deemed responsible it means that people think that he/she is responsible

Famous people in Algeria?

famous people in Algeria