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As an ethnic group, the modern French descend from the Celts and a mix of northern ethnicities associated with what we now think of as Germans, most notably, the Franks.

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Q: Who are the ancestors of the French?
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What do you call people whose ancestors had french?

People whose ancestors had French heritage are often referred to as French Canadians, Franco-Americans, or descendants of French immigrants.

If your last name is French does that mean your French?

If your last name is French, that could mean that at least one of your ancestors came from a French-speaking country.

Where do people who speak French come from?

They are likely to come from France, or their ancestors.

How do you tell if your ancestors were french?

You can determine if your ancestors were French by researching your family history through documents like birth certificates, marriage records, and immigration records. Look for surnames, locations, and cultural traditions that may indicate French ancestry. Additionally, DNA testing can also provide insights into your genetic heritage.

Which US president was French?

James Garfield, Theodore Roosevelt and Franklin Roosevelt all had some ancestors that were French Huguenots.

Is the Battle of Hastings related to the french empire?

In a way. The battle of Hastings was fought by the normans, led by the William the conqueror. The Normans are ancestors of the french.

Why do many people in quebec have french ancestors?

despite great britains victory, tens of thousands of french people still lived there and had decendants

What was William the conqueror's nationality?

William the conqueror was french or Norman because he was the king of Normandy, but spoke french and his ancestors were french. But his future generation is Norman, so i really don't know.

What does mes aieux translate to in English?

Mes Aieux is a French phrase that can be translated into English and means "my ancestors" or "my family". It is the name of a a popular French song artist.

Is Taylor lautner half Mexican and half filpino?

No. He is French, German, Dutch, and Native AmericanNo, his ancestors are Dutch, French, German, and Native American.

Is Leonardo dicarpio French?

No he is not French, he is American. His correct name is Leonardo Di Caprio.

Are people from Haiti black?

people from haiti are actually ancestors of the French who occupied the island in colonial times and black and native slaves. so yes most of are african/french descent.