Who are the boyars?

Updated: 8/20/2023
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1. Nayaka (Naidu) was an honorary title that was used by the people belonging to the other Telugu castes of Ekari (Pala Ekari) Boyar(warrior), Kamma, Mudi Raju, Koppula /Polinati Velama,Ayyaraka,gangavar(Boyar) etc in Andhra pradesh and other states. Many communities later began using the Naick or Naidu surname. Edgar Thurston (Castes and Tribes of Southern India Vol. 5; p. 138) noted that "Naidu" or "Nayudu" title was in use by several Telugu castes in colonial India (in alphabetical order): Balija, Bestha, Boyar(warrior) caste, Ekari, gangawar(Boyar), Gavara,Kalingi, Kamma, Kapu, Mudirajus, Velama, Odde, Tottiyan, Reddy, Telaga, Uppiliyan, Idiga and Valmiki.

2. In the Gazetteer of the Anantapur district is noted that "the Boyas are the old fighting caste of this part of the country, whose exploits are so often recounted in the history books. The Poligars' forces, and Haidar Ali's famous troops were largely recruited from these people, and they still retain a keen interest in sport and manly exercises."

3. The titles of the Boyas are said to be Naidu or Nayudu, Naik, Dora, Dorabidda (children of chieftains), and Valmiki. They claim direct lineal descent from Valmiki, the author of the Ramayana.


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(PAGE NO.181) Reference: Page No.181 of castes and bribes of south india - by E.THURSTON / PUBLISHED BY THE LIBRARY OF THE UNIVERSITY OF California LOS ANGELES,

(Reference: Page No.187 of castes and bribes of south india - by E.THURSTON / PUBLISHED BY THE LIBRARY OF THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA LOS ANGELES,

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Q: Who are the boyars?
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