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Otto von Habsburg (1912-) = Regina von Sachsen-Meinigen (1925- )

Monika (1954-) - Michaela (1954-) - Andrea (1955-) - Gabriela (1956-)

Walburga (1958-) - Karl (1961-) - Gyorgy (1964-)

Otto Von Hapsburg is the head of the family. Otto was the claimant to the thrones of Austria, Hungary, Bohemia etc. until he renounced his claims in 1961. He lives in Pocking, Bavaria and has represented Bavaria in the European Parliament from 1979 to 1999.

After the abdication of his parents in 1918 he spent his youth wandering Europe from Switzerland to Madiera to Spain before finally settling in Bavaria. Hitler had a definite animosity to the Habsburgs, the Imperial family of his Austrian youth, and he persecuted them. Otto opposed the annexation of Austria by Hitler and was therefore charged with treason and forced to flee to America. While there he helped to smuggle thousands of Jews away from Hitler's genocide. After the War he returned to a much more sympathetic Europe.

Otto's eldest son and heir is Karl. He works quietly to change the Austrian laws of 1919 that forbid the Habsburgs from holding any political office and has often been mentioned as a possible Chancellor of the Austrian Republic. At this time he is the Generaldirektor of the UNPO (United Nations and Peoples organization). In 1993 Karl married Francesca Thyssen-Bornemisza who is well known in European high society. They currently have three children.

Georg is Otto's other notable son, keeping the Hapsburg tradition alive in the far reaches of what was once his family's empire, Hungary. He is an executive for MTM-SBS TV, director of MTM Communications and is a Hungarian special ambassador to lobby for EEU membership for Hungary. He is married to Duchess Eilika von Oldenburg and they have two children.

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Q: Who are the hapsburgs still alive?
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