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Country (Im%, Ex%) Germany (19.1, 14.9)

Belgium (9.4, 7.2)

Italy (9.0, 9.3)

Spain (7.4, 9.6)

Netherlands (7.0, ---)

UK (7.0, 9.4)

US (5.4, 6.8)

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Q: Who are the top ten trading partners for France?
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Who were the main trading partners of the us?

Following are the top ten trading partners of the US: Canada Mexico China Japan Germany South Korea United Kingdom France Switzerland India

Who are Italy's top three trading partners?

Germany, France, U.K.

What are Philippines' top ten trading partners?

PHILIPPINES' TRADE PARTNERSThe top ten trade partners of the Philippines are:ChinaJapanUnited States of AmericaSingaporeTaiwanHong KongGermanySouth KoreaSaudi ArabiaMalaysiaNetherlands

What are Canada's top ten trading partners from 1 to 10?

united sattes

What are Canada's top ten trading partners in 2009?

china united states

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These countries are Germany, Italy, France.

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South Africa's top trading partners within the African continent are Zimbabwe, Namibia, Nigeria, Botswana, Lesotho and Swaziland. The top trading partners of South Africa outside the African continent are United States, China, India, Japan and Germany.

Who are Great Britain's top trading partners?

United States. Germany. France. Netherlands and China

What are jamaicas top 3 trading partners?

Jamaica's top trading partners are the united states and France

What are Canada's top ten trading partners?

1. United States, Japan, United Kingdom, China, Germany

Who are Germany's major trading partners?

In 2013 the top country of destination for German exports was France. They were followed by the United States and then the United Kingdom.

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usa, mexico,