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Sir Francis Drake

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Q: Who burnt a spanish fleet at cadiz?
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Spanish fleet of half reale 1715?

Sunk. In hurricane of 1715

What does amada mean in English?

If you mean 'armada', it means fleet, as in a fleet of ships.

How was the Globe Theatre Burnt Down?

The Globe Theatre was burnt down by a canon in one of his plays

How did Admiral Nelson defeat the French Spanish fleet in the Battle of Trafalgar?

Nelson won the Battle of Trafalgar by using his brain! He knew the Spanish/French fleet was coming to take him out, so he decided to launch a preemptive strike. The Combined fleet outnumbered him by a large margin. He had 33 ships, and his enemies had 41, and all were very large ships. He had his ships approach the combined fleet from the side, in two seperate columns. He was counting on the ability to split the combines line of ships in to three pieces, where they could each individually be surrounded and destroyed. He approched the allied fleet, which was sloppily assembled into a long line, and had the two columns run at full speed towards the enemy. With the poor gunnary skills of the allied ships, British casulties were few in the approach. Nelson led the first column which split the fleet almost in two, with his second in command runnding the secon column to cut off the rear of the fleet. The middle part was surounded and was worn down by the British. As the French and Spanish ships started sinking or surrendering, the british started ganging up on the few ships left. By that night, almost all of the entire allied fleed had either sank or surrendered. In the end, Nelson used his 33 ships and 17,000 men to conquor a superior force of 41 ships and 30,000 men. He used tactics and leveraged the advantages to target the enemies weaknesses. It is a true shame that he died at the end of the battle, for he was a brilliant Admiral.

What does aramada mean?

A fleet of war ships

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When did Sir Francis Drake lead an attack against the Spanish?

Drake sailed his fleet into Cadiz against the Spanish fleet in 1587.

Did the Spanish Armada sail out of Cadiz?


What were sir Francis Drake's achievements?

He was the first Englishman to sail around the world, sank much of the Spanish navy in the port of Cadiz (a very daring raid) and was vice admiral of the Fleet that defeated the Spanish Armada.

Why did the spanish say that Drake was a master thief?

Because he 'singed the King of Spain's beard', i.e. attacked the Spanish fleet in Cadiz, also was perhaps involved in piracy against Spanish galleons carrying (stolen?) gold from Latin America.

What is a Spanish city ending in z?


What is the cadiz compass point?

Cadiz is in Spain. Norte, sur, este, and oeste are Spanish for north, south, east, and west.

How many same-sex marriages have been recorded in the Spanish Province of Cadiz?

At least 437 same-sex couples have married in the Spanish province of Cadiz as follows:2012 - 632011 - 612010 - 542009 - 552008 - 442007 - 502006 - 752005 - 35

What English raid delayed the construction of the Spanish Armada?

Sir Francis Drake led the English raid on Cadiz in 1587. He burned the city and the fleet of of ships that Philip II was preparing for the invasion of England. Historians believe this delayed the planned invasion for a year or more.

What languages are spoken in Cadiz Spain?

Seville is a predominantly Spanish speaking city.Spanish, but it's a..special one i guess you could say, the people there call it "Andaluz".It's a dialect of Spanish.Spanish. Seville, or Sevilla in Spanish, is in Spain.

Was the Spanish Armada a fort or a fleet of ships?

It was a fleet of ships.

Who went to Philippines and destroy Spanish fleet?

George Dewey was the US admiral that destroyed the Spanish fleet.

What was the singeing of king Phillips beard?

On the 19th April 1587 Sir Francis Drake entered the harbor of Cadiz on the Spanish coast and led a per-emptive strike on the Spanish fleet, destroying a number of ships (20-30) and their supplies, and causing the planned Spanish attack on England to be postponed for over a year. Drake referred to this successful attack as "Singeing the King of Spain's beard".