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The Committee on Public Safety.

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Q: Who choose who got to be beheaded by the Guillotine?
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What is the thing called where you get beheaded?

a guillotine

How did Louis XVI get executed?

He was beheaded by guillotine.

How did charlotte corday die?

She was beheaded in a guillotine.

Was olympe de gouges beheaded?

Yes she was beheaded by guillotine. I knew that because I did an essay on her. (:

Was King Louis XVI killed?

Yes he was beheaded by the guillotine.

How did Marie Antoinette get executed?

She was beheaded by guillotine on October 16th 1793.

Executions of the people and leaders in the Reign of Terror?

They were all beheaded by the guillotine.

Did Robespierre commit suicide?

No, he was beheaded by guillotine on July 28th, 1794.

How was King Louis XVI death?

Violent. He was murdered, beheaded by guillotine.

What was the consequences for the nobles and the king?

They were all beheaded by madam la guillotine.

Who was the last person beheaded by the guillotine?

Hamida Djandoubi on the 10th September 1977

How did Louis XVI meet his death in 18th century?

He was beheaded by guillotine on January 21st 1793.