Who created the Hellenistic era?

Updated: 8/22/2023
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It was originated by Alexander the great, who tried to introduce Hellenic (Greek) culture to the embire he captured from the Persians.

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Alexander The Great

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Q: Who created the Hellenistic era?
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The Hellenistic era describes an age that saw?

The Hellenistic period is distinguished by the major influence of Greek cultural in Europe, Africa, and Asia. It is considered hedonistic when compared to the Classical Greek period.

Identify two major cultural areas that contributed to the Hellenistic civilization?

Hellenistic civilization refers to the period between 323 and 31 BCE. The main cultures throughout this period were ancient Greece and Rome.

What was the Hellenistic?

Hellenistic philosophy comes from a late period in Greek history which saw the greatest variety of philosophic schools. There is no single tenant of "helenistic philosophy" as it ranges from platonic forms to the cynics to Pythagoras. What seperates helenistic philosophy from other cultures and movements though, was the desire to understand the supernatural world logically. They trade to make sense of myths and traditions using the newly formed mathematics, social ethics, morality. As a result, many religions found themselves evolving under the Hellenistic microscope, not so much abandoning faith, as trying to find solid reason for it. This would later be revived in Christianity as the apologetics movement.

What two words describe the Hellenistic period of Greek Sculpture?

Giant and decadent are two words to describe this period.

How long is an era?

100 Years,. Correction: Asking how long an era is, is the same as asking how long is a piece of string. An era can be any segment of time that can be distinguished. Such as, the 'Nazi era', 'George W. Bush era'. An era is NOT 100 years, that is a century.

Related questions

What era did Alexander the great create?

Alexander the Great created the Hellenistic era

Who was the most famous scientist of the Hellenistic era?

The famous scientist of the Hellenistic era was Archimedes.

What was the time when greek culture spread through out the non-greek world known as?

It was initiated by Alexander the Great in the latter part of the 4th Century BCE.

What Hellenistic culture?

Alexander the greats death brought on the Hellenistic era

Is it true or false when the death of Socrates marks the beginning of the Hellenistic Era?

False. The death of Socrates marked the end of the Classical Era, not the beginning of the Hellenistic Era. The Hellenistic Era began after the death of Alexander the Great in 323 BCE.

What era did Cleopatra live in?

Cleopatra lived in the Hellenistic era., or the Ptolemaic era in Egypt.

Did the death of the socrates mark the beginning of Hellenistic era?

No, the death of Socrates did not mark the beginning of the Hellenistic era. The Hellenistic era began after the death of Alexander the Great in 323 BC and lasted until the Roman conquest of Greece in 146 BC. Socrates died in 399 BC, long before the Hellenistic period.

Where was the Hellenistic era?

All around the Mediterranean.

Who was responsible for the Hellenistic Era?

the person who was in charge was Xerxes

Why did Alexanders conquest mark the beginning of the Hellenistic Era?


What were the African kingdoms influenced by Egypt and The Hellenistic Era?


Is the reign of Alexander the Great referred to as the Hellenistic era?