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Britain took part in helping Tibet gain independence from Chinese rule before 1792. However, after 1792, Britain refused to assist Tibet.

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Q: Who did britain refused to help Tibet or china?
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What is the Free Tibet organization?

This organization's goal is to help Tibet and the Tibetans gain independence (or at least autonomous rule) from China.

Why did the government kick dalai lama out of his country?

When Tibet was invaded by China, the Dalai Lama went into exile because he--being the leader of Tibet--was viewed as a threat to Chinese authority. He felt he could better help his country if he was free.

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Why can't the Dalai Lama return to Tibet?

The Dali Lama is the leader-in-exile of the Tibetan Buddhist faith and a major leader of the Tibetan people. As Tibet is a part of China, the actions of the Dali Lama make him a political dissident and thus potentially liable for prosecution and imprisonment if he were to return to Tibet.

Why did the foreign nations such as Britain and France help the Chinese government during the Taiping rebellion?

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