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They traded with people from India, Tibet, Persia, and Mediterranean countries. They also traded with soldiers, nomads and whoever else happened to be on the road.

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Q: Who did the Chinese silk traders trade with?
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What did Chinese trade Europe?

They traveled the Silk Road and gave other traders to take it to Europe.

What goods made Chinese trade markets so valuable to foreign traders?

Silk and Tea.

Who traded across the silk road?

many people like Chinese and europians whoever needed to trade (also silk traders)

Why did Chinese people make silkroad?

it was not really a road in ancient times. it was a path that Chinese traders took their silk to trade with other countries

What did traders trade on the silk road?

they traded silk

What product did the Chinese traders to Europe?

I believe it is silk.

How did Chinese people learn of Buddhism?

The Chinese people learned of Buddhism because of monks and traders.

How did China become more open to foreign?

Group of traders traveled over the Silk Roads. Traders carried silk, ceramics, tea, and other goods to Western markets. Traders returned with new foods, plants, and minerals. Increased trade led to more Chinese contact with people from other countries. People from Arabia, Persia, and India visited.

How do you use Silk Road in a sentence?

Traders in the far east used the Silk Road to transport their goods.The Silk Road bought Chinese goods and then sold them to traders on the way to Rome.

What Chinese goods were sought by European traders?

In earlier times, the biggest Chinese export was silk.

Who started the silk trade?


Why did trade along the silk road flourish during the time of the Han Kushan Parthian and Roman empires?

The Han, Kushan, Parthian, and Roman Empires brought order to the Silk Road. I just found this answer online so don't blame me if it is not right.