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By outting a cross on the land that thry came ashore. They usually claimed land they knew nothing about. After that yhey leave and move on.

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Explorers went on expeditions to find new land and new trade routes. Once they found the land they converted Native Americans that lived there (if the were any) to their religion. If there were not anyone there they would move people from their country to the new land that they found.

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Usually, explorers claimed lands and riches for their homeland. Not much else to it other than they probably recieved lots of fame and fortune for claiming land.

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Q: Who did the explorers claim the land and riches for?
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Explorers who came to claim both riches and land for Spain were called?

They were called Conquistadors

What was the new world according to explorers?

The New World is where explorers thought there were many riches. They wanted to also claim land for their own country.

What the Spanish explorers was looking in Florida?

Mainly riches and gold, but they got much more by laying claim to the land.

Why did explorers plant flags?

the explorers planted flags to claim land for their country

What was the purpose of spanish explorers?

To claim land for Spain. ;)

Who did European explorers claim land for?

ooga booga

While searching for riches and claiming land the European explorers?

disregarded the rights of the American Indians

Who came to North America in search for riches and to claim land for their ruler?

The French.

What was vasco da gama's motivation?

claim land and riches

Why were Spanish and French explorers interested in the Americas?

They wanted to claim land for themselves.

What was the main goal of the earliest explores who reached the Americas?

to find riches and claim new land for their country

How did European nations compete to claim lands and riches in the New World?

when did the French claim riches