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Hawaiiʻi or the Hawaiian island was originally inhabited by Polynesians around 400AD. But based on the European exploration records, the island was discovered by Captain James Cook in 1778 and named them the Sandwich Islands.

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Based on archeological evidence, the Hawaiian Islands were populated by Polynesians coming from what is now known as the south Marquesan islands around 400AD. By 700AD another wave of Polynesians from the Tahitian islands began migrating to the Hawaiian islands and that continued until about 1200AD. According to one Hawaiian tradition, Hawaiiloa was the Polynesian who was born in a place known as Ka Aina Kai Melemele a Kane. ---- As far as European exploration goes, however, the Hawaiian islands were not discovered until Captain James Cook came across them in 1778. He originally named them the Sandwich Islands.

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Q: Who discovered the hawaiian island?
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Who discovered hualalai and when did they discover it?

The Hawaiian volcano Hualalai was discovered by James Cook during his visit to the Hawaiian Islands in 1778. Cook saw the volcanic peak from a distance while sailing along the coast of the island of Hawaii.

Who discovered the hawaiian island and even explored the Alaskan coast as well as part of antarctica?

captain james cook

How do you say island in Hawaiian?

The Hawaiian word for island is "mokupuni."

What Hawaiian island that begins with k?

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How do you say island boy in hawaiian?

In Hawaiian, "island boy" can be translated to "keiki mokupuni."

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There is no Honolulu Island. Honolulu is a city on the Island of Oahu.

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They are on the island of Oahu. That is the third island from the left of the eight main Hawaiian islands.

Do the the Hawaiian volcanoes get older the further away they get from the island of Hawaii?

Yes, the Hawaiian volcanoes get older as you move northwest along the island chain. The volcanoes are formed by the movement of the Pacific tectonic plate over a hotspot within the Earth's mantle, with the older volcanoes eroding and sinking beneath the ocean as new ones form in a continuous process.

Can you see one Hawaiian island from another?

yes, you can see one hawaiian island from another

What hawaiian island is manoa on?

The island of Oahu

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