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The Holy Roman Empire was finally dissolved when Holy Roman Emperor Francis II abdicated, or renounced his throne. It can also be credited to Napoléon, who defeated the HRE in battle which led to Francis abdicating.

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Q: Who dissolved the Holy Roman Empire?
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When did the holy empire end?

If Holy Empire you mean Holy Roman Empire. It was dissolved in 1806 during the Napoleonic Wars. After the defeat of the Third Coalition in the Battle of Austerlitz.

Who said the Holy Roman Empire was 'not Holy Roman or an Empire'?

Voltaire said the Holy Roman Empire was not 'Holy, Roman, or an Empire.'

How long did the holy roman empire exist?

well, the first Holy Roman Emperor (Otto I) was crowned in 962AD, and the last (Francis II) abdicated and dissolved the Empire in 1806. That is, 844 years

Who destroyed the holy roman empire?

Although by the time the Holy Roman Empire was officially dissolved it had already been facing centuries of decay and could hardly be called an empire, its final destruction is usually attributed to Napoleon Bonaparte who dissolved it during his invasions and replaced it with his own German Confederation.

The holy roman empire became this country?

the holy roman empire was not holy, roman or an empire - Voltaire

Is Germany holy Roman empire?

Germany was part of the Holy Roman Empire. But was not the Holy Roman Empire.

What replaced the holy roman empire?

The Holy Roman Empire was dissolved by Napoleon, and became just a large number of small countries. In the years after the Napoleonic Wars ended, these countries came together in a confederacy called the Zollverein, or German Customs Union. This might be the best organization to call the replacement of the Holy Roman Empire.

Is Austria still called the Holy Roman Empire?

Not anymore. But The Holy Roman Empire was made of what is now: Poland, Switzerland, Austria, parts of France, Germany and Italy and lasted from 962 AD to 1806 AD, when it was dissolved by Napoleon I

When was Holy Roman Empire created?

Holy Roman Empire was created in 962.

Who was ruled by holy Roman empire?

The holy Roman empire ruled the Romans.

When did the Medieval Holy Roman Empire exist?

The Holy Roman Empire existed from 962 A.D., and dissolved when Emperor Francis II abdicated the throne after being conquered by Emperor Napoleon I of France in 1806.

What was Charlemagnes greatest accomplishements?

One possibility would be the formation of the Holy Roman Empire (which was unfortunately neither Holy, Roman, nor an Empire).