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Great Britain forced China to open trade with other countries... I just learned about this. :D

The Opium Wars between Great Britain and China resulted in the opening of China for trade.

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Q: Who forced china to open trade with other country's?
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What finally forced China to trade with Europe?

The military power from United Kingdom and other countries finally forced China to trade with Europe. China has resisted trade with Europe all along.

How did Chinas Golden Age lead to increased trade?

Answer this question… A. China's military ruled the empire during the Golden Age, and military leaders forced other countries into trade agreements. B. China had a weak government during its Golden Age, which forced its people to rely on trade to obtain food and other goods. C. China came into contact with many new cultures during its Golden Age and expanded its trade network. D. China had a policy during its Golden Age by which any man could become a merchant, and many took advantage of this policy.

What forced the colonies to trade only with the England?

The Navigation Acts forced the colonists to trade with England and limited trade with other countries.

What was one major outcome of the First Opium War?

China was forced to surrender Hong Kong to Great Britain.

What forced the colonies to trade only the England?

The Navigation Acts forced the colonists to trade with England and limited trade with other countries.

In 1500 what was china's trade policy?

In 1500 the trade policy was that china would only trade with japan and other Asian countries

What Did commodore Matthew Perry forced the Japanese to do?

sign a trade agreement with the u.s apex...

What did the British do to adjust their trade imbalance with China?

The British were forced to pay for their imports with silver. The British sent increasing quantities of silver to China, especially in exchange for tea, which was in great demand by British. At first, the British tried to negotiate with the Chinese to improve the trade imbalance. When negotiating failed, the British turned to trading opium.

What was the silk roads?

The Silk Road is a historically important international trade route between China and the Mediterranean.

What does US trade and Where?

Everything and China, some other places, but mostly China

Why do other countries trade with china?

the united states has had many things made in china and to pay them back we trade them things.

What were chinas reasons for rejecting british offers of trade?

China was a very traditional society and other the reign of the Kangxi Emperor and his grandson China had the military means to reject a British offer for trade without the threat of having colonized. The Kangxi Emperor considered European goods to be far inferior to those made by the Chinese. If you are referring to the later opium trade, then China refused to allow the trade because it began to see the effects of the drug on the people of China. However, after the Opium wars china was forced by the British to reopen its opium trade.