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Protestant Princes union

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Q: Who fought against the Catholic princes alliance and the Holy Roman Empire?
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Which leader was exploited to bring the unification of both Italy and Germany?

Emperor Napoleon the IIIrd, of France. Sent troops in Italy to support the Piemont-sponsored unification war of Giuseppe Garibaldi (in exchange for land): famous battle of Magenta and Solferino. He was also the "common foe" against which Germany was united under Bismarck. Bismarck's Prussia has rallied the northern german states into an alliance but southern catholic states (Bavaria, Wurtemberg) were reluctant to join. War against an old ennemy (remember Napoleon I, Iena Battle...) and the glory of the victorious Wilhem II convinced the last german princes to join the german empire.

Who were the major Central powers World War I?

The major Central Powers in World War 1 were: # The German Empire # The Austro-Hungarian Empire # The Ottoman Empire (Turkish Empire) The other member of this alliance was the Kingdom of Bulgaria.

How do you make an alliance with someone on goodgame empire?

Its very easy, There are two options; wether to make an alliance or join one. 1. If you want to join one with a specific player just go on the world map and find the players castle. Then click on the castle and press on castle info. When you are on a page that tells about the lord of the castles info find options like alliances and select it then it says about their alliance and at the bottom of that page it shows a question mark to join. But if that player doesn't have an alliance you can go on your options and messages menu to the left hand side of the screen and press on alliances. When on alliances make your own alliance and follow the steps then ask/invite you friends or people you want to join your alliance. This is if none of you have an alliance then you make one or your partner/friend. AFTER YOU DO MAKE YOUR FRIEND AND YOU IMPORVE YOUR EMPIRE AND RULE THE WHOLE WORLD! If you want to make an alliance make sure to message me cause i have a big empire and im pretty good. you can message me by clicking on my castle and pressing on info and message me i am "Dark Empire"

What events led to the start of the Thirty Years' War?

By early modern times, as the French philosopher Voltaire later observed, the Holy Roman Empire was neither holy, nor Roman, nor an empire. Instead, by the seventeenth century it had become a patchwork of several hundred small, separate states. In theory, these states were ruled by the Holy Roman emperor, who was chosen by seven leading German princes called electors. In practice, the emperor had little power over the many rival princes. This power vacuum contributed to the outbreak of the Thirty Years' War. Religion further divided the German states. The north had become largely Protestant, while the south remained Catholic.

How does the central powers relate to World War 1?

In WW1 the allies went against the central powers.The Central Powers, consisting of Germany, Austria-Hungary, the Ottoman Empire and Bulgaria - hence also known as the Quadruple Alliance - was one of the two main factions during World War I.

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Why were the protestant and catholic countries fighting in Germany?

Over the question of religion and who gets to decide the belief system. The Vatican, thought that the losses of churches and more importantly church land was more or less illegal so they pressured catholic princes and leaders of the fracturing holy roman empire to wage war against the protestants

What was the role the Delian League in the creation of the Athenian empire?

it was the name of the alliance against the Persians purple pie

What was the role of the Delian League in the creation of Athenian empire?

it was the name of the alliance against the Persians purple pie

Why is a part of the Christian church called Protestant?

Many people assume that Protestants are called Protestant simply because they are somehow protesting against the Catholic Church. That's almost historically correct, but not completely. In 1529, The Diet of Speyer reaffirmed an earlier decision of the Diet of Worms in 1521. Both decisions banned Martin Luther's 95 Theses within the Holy Roman Empire. In 152T9, the Lutheran Princes within the Empire wrote a public Letter of Protest against this decision, and this group of Lutheran Princes became known as Protestants. In time, the term Protestant was extended from the protesting Princes to include the religious reformers, such as Luther, Calvin and Zwingli. Still later, the term Protestant came to include anyone who believes in Jesus Christ, but who does not worship within the Roman Catholic Church, or within the Eastern Orthodox Churches.

Which describes a result of the thirty year war?

German princes gained independence.

What was the Germany Austria Hungary ottoman empire alliance called?

The CENTRAL POWERS is the term used for the alliance between the German Empire, Austria-Hungary, and the Ottoman Empire.

What were the consequenses of the Persian Wars?

Afterwards, Athens converted the alliance it had led in the latter stages into an empire of its own, and used and misused those resources, leading to the peloponnesian War against the alliance led by Sparta, which devastated the Greek world.

How did winning the Persian War affected the Athenians?

They turned the alliance of cities against the Persian Empire into an empire of their own and used the financial contributions of the cities to beautify Athens and keep half its population on the public payroll.

What is prince in Latin?

princeps (this literally means emperor - there were no princes in the roman empire!)

Who did Anakin Skywalker work for?

Initially, his Uncle. Then he began his Jedi training, so he didn't really work, as such but he fought on behalf of the Rebel Alliance against the Empire.

Who fought against whom in the Peloponnesian Wars?

The Athenian empire versus an alliance we call the Peloponnesian League - a coalition of city-states mainly from the Peloponnesian Peninsula led by Sparta.

Who was in alliance with austro-Hungary?

In World War 1 it was the German Empire and the Ottomon Empire.