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There were many jobs that had been done and a huge part of it was collecting and preparing food. It was a biig job and withoutt itt being done there would be no Egyptians. The wwomen were in charge of it while the men were off at work. There were farmers which was done by men and was a fulll seasonal job. The wifess of the farmers could help witht the picking and maybe watering. A looot fthe women were stay home wifes and they could do simple things like cook and clean. So you probably want to know how to determine a god spot to grow your crops? Well the nile river flooded eevery year, leaving a layer of silt behind on the soil. The silt was a helper kind of like fertilizer. This area was called the fertil valley. All farmers wanted this area to grow your crops on and luckily the fertile valley surrounded the nile river and there was enough room for everyone.

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Q: Who gathered the food and who prepared the food of the ancient Egyptians?
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