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Mahatma Gandhi gave him the title sardar

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MK Gandhi.

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m k gandhi

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Q: Who gave the title of sardar to vallabhbhai patel?
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Who gave vallabhbhai patel the title of sardar?

m k gandhi

Who has given sardar title to Vallabhabhai Patel?

With struggle for freedom being intensified Vallabhbhai left his lucrative legal practice and gave himself up wholly to political work. It was in 1928 that the villagers of Bardoli under the leadership of Vallabhbhai decided to go against the British Government on the issue of the increase of land revenue. The grim struggle drew the attention of the whole country. Ultimately the Government had to bow before popular resolve. It was a triumph not only of the 80 thousand peasants of Bardoli but more particularly of Vallabhbhai, who was given the title of 'Sardar' by the nation for his great leadership.

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