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Vikings had an impact mainly on what is now Scotland and Ireland; their influence on England and Wales was limited mainly to the east and southeast of England and, after the pogrom which killed most able-bodied Vikings, virtually non-existent.

The Anglo-Saxons greatly influenced England causing all natives to adopt their ways which lasted longer than the impact of the Romans. Except for the short-lived invasion of Angle Northumbria into southern Alba, (Scotland), the Anglo-Saxons main influence would be by trade with the other British Isles.

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Q: Who had the bigger impact on Britain vikings or Anglo Saxons?
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What was the impact of viking culture on Europe?

The Vikings were seagoing Norse people. They mixed with the Anglo-Saxons to become the modern English and with the people of northern France to become the Normans.

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Impact of viking culture on Europe?

The Nordic language of the Vikings impacted European culture. Many of their words have been infiltrated into several European languages. Many village names in Britain can be traced back to Nordic origins. In addition, the Vikings left their genetic imprint on the various people they conquered.

What refers to Germanic tribes who migrated to Britain and developed a unique culture and language there?

The Anglo-Saxons were the Germanic tribes who migrated to Britain in the 5th and 6th centuries, eventually forming the Anglo-Saxon culture that had a significant impact on the development of England.

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Throughout history, a number of religious groups have migrated to and settled in Britain, each bringing their own beliefs and practices. Some major religious groups that have had an impact on the country include the Romans (who were polytheistic but later adopted Christianity), the Angles, Saxons, and Jutes (who brought Germanic Paganism), Vikings (who followed Norse paganism), Normans (who brought Roman Catholicism), and various waves of immigration over the centuries, introducing different religious traditions such as Judaism, Islam, Hinduism, Sikhism, and others.

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