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an empire in the rain forest

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Q: Who had the trade monopoly in the African interior?
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When was the slave trade monopoly given to Royal African Company?


What English company lost its monopoly on the slave trade in 1698?

Royal African Company

English company that lost its monopoly on the slave trade in 1698?

Royal African Company

Who was the man who opened African interior to European trade?

king leopold 2

What is a fur trade monopoly?

a fur trade monopoly is the control over fur

What has the author PT Bauer written?

P.T Bauer has written: 'West African Trade, A Study of Competition, Oligopoly and Monopoly in a Changing Economy'

What organization in history whose loss of slave trade monopoly in 1698 led to free enterprise expansion of the business?

Royal African Company.

What does monopoly of trade mean?

a fur trade monopoly is the control over fur

How did trade help African cities and states develope?

um idk u have to figure it out cant just be lazy

Why was kilwa an important center of trade?

Kilwa was an important center of trade due to its strategic location along the East African coast, facilitating trade between the African interior and the Indian Ocean. It was a key hub for the trade of gold, ivory, spices, and slaves. Kilwa's prosperity was also supported by its advanced infrastructure, skilled craftsmen, and strong political leadership.

What is the monopolies?

Monopolies is the plural form monopoly. A monopoly is when a person or company has complete control of a supply or trade in a market.

What were the portuguese contributions to the European impact an the Americas?

Establishing Portuguese wealth through trade, breaking Venice's monopoly on trade by removing their role as middlemen, starting to weaken the Ottoman Empire, introducing African slaves into the economy of Europe, etc.