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Swami Vivekanand

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Q: Who has been called the Hindu napoleon OF India?
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Who has been called the Napoleon Boneparte of India?

Samudragupta is nicknamed the Napoleon of India because of his military skill.

Why has India been called the empire of the spirit?

Ancient India is called the empire of the spirit because Ancient India is the living tradition of the Hindu religion, which is the basis of Indian culture. Their traditions that Indian's honor today are from 5,000 years ago.

Which ruler was called napoleon of India?

The king, Samudragupta, of the gupta dynasty(during the 4th century) was very fearless and was known for his military conquests. Thus, he has been conferred upon by the title of 'Napolean of India'.

Which religion does the women practice Sati?

That was a Hindu tradition that is now unlawful in India and Nepal (and has been for some time).

Which religions is the third-largest religious in the world with 98 of its followers living in India?

Think that should have been 98%, not 98. Hindu.

Who has been called saviour of India?


Do Hindu believe if you swim into the sunset on the ganges river your wish will come true?

well i am Hindu and this may seem weird but i have never been to India and i am a teenager anyway i think so ill have to ask someone

What does the name Hinduism mean?

The Hindu religion has been practiced in India for more than three thousand years. Hinduism is the noun form.

What is a summary of mahabharata?

The Mahabharata is an epic tale from ancient India. It is one of the longest epic stories in the world and is rumored to have been written by Ganesh, himself. The story talks about the myths of Hinduism, Hindu behavior and ethics, and Hindu mythology.

How does the constitution of India ensure secularism?

the constitution of India under article 1 describes India as a union of states.consisting of 1)states(28) 2)union territories(6)+1 national capital territory 3)any other region which may be acquired through war etc...

What is the movie called about a golden retriever and a parrot?

Napoleon I have been looking for this movie forever... I used to watch it when I was younger!

What are the names of followers the Hinduism religion?

Followers of Hinduism are called Hindus.The followers of the religion Hinduism are called Hindus. Hindus are spread all the over world. Sikhism is another religion that has been developed from the Hindu religion.