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William Ewart Gladstone - 4 times. 1868 - 74, 1880 - 85, 1886, 1892 - 94 William Ewart Gladstone

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The answer is...Harry Albert Atkinson

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Q: Who has been elected prime minister the most number of times?
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How many times can a prime minister be reelected?

Prime Ministers can normally be elected any number of times.

Who was elected NZ Prime Minister the most number of times?

it was h. atkinson

Can prime ministers be re elected in Australia?

Yes: Prime Ministers can be re-elected in Australia, and they frequently are. There is no limit to the number of consecutive times a Prime Minister can be re-elected.

How many times elected jawaharlal Nehru as a prime minister?

6 times

Who has been elected Prime Minister the most number of times in New Zealand?

Richard John Seddon he was born in 1845 in Lancashire, England

How many times did Stephen Harper become prime minister?

Stephen Harper became the Prime Minister once in 2006. He has continued to be re-elected in 2008, with an election pending in 2011. So far he has not had to resign as Prime Minister.

Who was the Prime Minister of Canada in 2010?

Yes, the Prime Minister can be reelected as an MP any number of times, even if they are no longer prime minister following their reelection. If you mean 'reelected as Prime Minister', the Prime Minister is not directly elected to begin with. However, the term of a Prime Minister is indefinite, and a Prime Minister can be reappointed by the Governor General any number of times. The only limitation on a Prime Minister's term is that he/she must maintain the confidence of the House of Commons, and can be forced to resign through political pressure (or be dismissed by the Governor General, though this is rare) at any time.

How Many terms can a prime minister serve in India?

as many no of times he is elected as the leader of majority party(or head of a coalition)

Was Robert Menzies a good Prime minister?

Robert Menzies was Australia's longest-serving Prime Minister, so it would be assumed that most people thought he was a good Prime Minister, to have been re-elected several times. Although an extreme "monarchist", Menzies was an efficient administrator, under whose government Australia prospered.

How many times a man become president of India?

Indira Gandhi was the prime minister of the Republic of India for three consecutive terms from 1966 to 1977 and for a fourth term from 1980 until her assassinationin 1984, a total of fifteen years.

How many times was Sir William Fox prime minister of NZ?

Sir William Fox was Prime Minister of New Zealand three times

Who was elected the prime minister for new zealand the most times?

The longest serving Prime Minister in New Zealand's history was Richard J Seddon, aka "King Dick". He was Prime Minister for 13 years, 1893 - 1906. In that time he won 5 elections as leader of the Liberal Party (which eventually merged into the National Party). It's his statute outside the Parliament buildings in Wellington.