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Q: Who helped Telemachus on his journey?
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What does Athena encourage Telemachus to do?

Athena encourages Telemachus to go on a journey to see if his father Odysseus is still alive and when he finishes this journey to go and kill the suitors.

What does Telemachus offer to do at the end of the excerpt?

Telemachus offers to supply a ship and crew for Odysseus, to help him on his journey to return home.

Where did Telemachus go on his journey to find his father?

Telemachus leaves Ithaca to go to Pylos, the city of Neleus. Telemachus spends a night in Pherae, home of Diocles. Finally, Telemachus arrives at the home of Menelaus, Lacedaemon.

What action does Athena advise Telemachus to take?

Athena advises Telemachus to leave Ithaca and travel on a journey to find his father, Odysseus

Who helped Odysseus?

Telemachus , his son, helped Him throughout the whole time.

How does Eumaeus treat Telemachus?

Eumaeus treats Telemachus with respect and loyalty, as he has known him since he was a child. He is protective of Telemachus and assists him in his journey to find his father, Odysseus. Eumaeus also offers guidance and support to Telemachus as a mentor figure.

When Telemachus returns to Penelope what does he tell her he has learned about Odysseus on his journey?

Telemachus tells Penelope that he has learned about Odysseus from Menelaus and Helen. They shared stories about Odysseus's bravery and cunning in the Trojan War, but they had no news of his current whereabouts.

What figure is Telemachus compared to?

Telemachus is often compared to his father Odysseus in Greek mythology. Telemachus is depicted as brave, intelligent, and resourceful like Odysseus, showing similar qualities as he grows and matures throughout their epic journey.

What does Ulysses say to telemachus?

In the epic "The Odyssey," Ulysses imparts wisdom and guidance to his son Telemachus. He encourages Telemachus to be brave, seek knowledge, and act with integrity in order to overcome challenges and fulfill his destiny. Ulysses also reassures Telemachus of his love and support throughout his journey.

How does the swineherd react when telemachus returns?

In Homer's "The Odyssey," the swineherd Eumaeus is overjoyed and shows great hospitality when Telemachus, Odysseus's son, returns home. He welcomes Telemachus warmly and helps him in his journey to confront the suitors who have taken over his father's palace.

Whose council does telemachus seek for his journey?

Telemachus seeks advice and guidance from Nestor in Pylos and Menelaus in Sparta on his journey to find information about his father, Odysseus. Both Nestor and Menelaus were allies of Odysseus during the Trojan War and may provide valuable insights into his whereabouts.

Relationship of Telemachus to Odysseus?

Telemachus is the son of Odysseus and Penelope in Greek mythology. He is a central character in "The Odyssey," where he embarks on a journey to find his father who has been missing for many years. Telemachus also plays a significant role in helping Odysseus reclaim his kingdom upon his return.