Who invented feudalism?

Updated: 3/1/2023
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king William

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Q: Who invented feudalism?
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Who invented feudalism full name?

King William

What system of government was based on the exchange of the land for protection and service?


What are the characteristic of feudalism?

what is feudalism

Who created feudalism?

The Franks created feudalism

A political and military system based on the holding of land?

Feudalism Every sovereign state

Where did feudalism emerge?

Feudalism first emerged among the franks

Is feudalism still big today?

No it is not. Feudalism was a medieval system.

What part of speech is feudalism?

Feudalism is a noun.

Who propounded feudalism?

The germanic tribe, the Slavs, introduced Feudalism.

'What was the social structure in the 1300s - medieval Europe'?

it was based on feudalism... there is a feudalism pyramid if you go on google images and type in feudalism pyramid

Is feudalism and fascism the same?

Feudalism and Fascism are not the same, and are pretty dissimilar.

Type of government - feudalism in Eruope?

feudalism is a government itself. (basically)