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Abraham Gestner

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2009-04-30 12:42:19
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Q: Who invented pablum and kerosene?
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What day was pablum invented?

Pablum was invented on September 12 1930, by Canadian pediatricians.

Why was pablum invented?

Pablum was invented in 1931. Pablum was invented to help moms feed infants a more solid food that is quick to prepare. It was a processed cereal for infants.

What were the names of the doctors that invented pablum?

the doctors who inveted pablum was Alan Brown, Fredrick Tisdall, and Theodore Drake.

What is in pablum?

Pablum is a baby cereal similar to rice cereal. It was brought to the Hospital For Sick Children in 1930. It was invented by three doctors.

What famous baby cereal was invented by Toronto's Hospital for Sick Children in the 1920'S?


Which one of the following was not invented by a canadianthe electric guitar electron microscope imax pablum?

electric guitar

Which one of the following was NOT invented by a Canadian Pablum Electron Microscope The Electric Guitar IMAX?

Electric guitar!

Who invented kerosene?

Abraham Gestner

Who invented Pablum?

Pablum was developed in 1931 by a team of doctors at the Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto, Canada. (Fred Tisdall, Ted Drake, and Alan Brown) It was originally created as a medicine to cure Rickets. They were aided by Harry Engel from Mead Johnson; who became the first company to sell Pablum commerically.

What is a pablum?

A pablum is anything which is overly bland or simplistic, especially speech or writing.

When did pablum hit the market?

Pablum was marketed by the Mead Johnson company in 1931.

When was the first kerosene lamp invented?


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