Who invented the chronometer?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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John Harrison, the English watchmaker. He was rewarded by an act of parliament as this was in a sense, a Defence) contract useful to the Navy.

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Q: Who invented the chronometer?
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Who invented the first chronometer?

John Harrison invented the chronometer

When was the chronometer invented?

The chronometer was invented in the year 1761. The chronometer was actually invented by John Harrison in 1735. It was 1761 that he finally got it up to the standards that were accepted by the British Navy.

What country was the chronometer invented in?

England in 1735

Where was the chronometer invented in?

in someones head.......{john harrisson}

Who invented chronometer?

John Harrison, the English watchmaker

What part of speech is chronometer?

Chronometer is a noun.

Which was more difficult to determine latitude or longitude?

Longitude because you needed a chronometer and it hadn't been invented yet.

What is a very precise clock called?

Chronometer Chronometer

What is a sentence using chronometer?

The ship's captain used a chronometer to accurately navigate the vast ocean.

What is a good sentence for chronometer?

She frequently referred to any clock as a chronometer .

What are the key features of a chronometer?

A chronometer is a watch that is designed for the highest amount of precision and accuracy. The time on a chronometer watch is almost always accurate.

What does a chronometer have to do with a ship?

Long before GPS, an accurate chronometer was needed to help a ship determine Longitude.