Who is Captin America?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Captin amarica is a marvel hero and is a member of avengers and new avengers

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Q: Who is Captin America?
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Who would win a fight dash or captin america?

Captin America

What is the movie Captin America Rated?


Who would win hulk or captin America in a fight?

Probably the Hulk

Why did Captin America super soldier get discontinued?

he dont have shield i think

What was the name of the guy in Captin America?

Chris Evans/Steve Rogers

What comic company makes Captin America?

Captain America is a character published by Marvel Comics.

Is Captin America a skrull?

Mo he was human with powers gained by a special serum. The skrulls were extraterrestrial shapeshfiters.

What happened to the captin when titanic was sinking?

The captin did what any noble and brave captin would do. He went down with the ship.

Who would win wolverine or captin america?

Wolverine would win because he has an healing factor. He never stops fighting.

Would would win batman or captin america?

Cap'n America would destroy Batman because he could just throw/block with his shield. Hope it helped ._.

What is the name of the old man in jaws?

captin ahab captin ahab

Civil war poems?

o captin my captin