Who is Lu Bu?

Updated: 8/22/2023
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Lu Bu is an old Chinese warrior that had fought in the Three Kingdoms, he comes out in the game called Dynasty Warriors and he was one of the strongest of them all, for real life. He lived of betrayal, and finally he was betrayed by his own officer and was hung by the power of Liu Bei and Cao Cao.

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吕布 [lǚ bù]Lu Bu is the full name of the general who is believed to be invincible in one-on-one combats during the late Han Dynasty. As a subordinate, he was not faithful to his masters. After several betrayals, he also became a warlord, but soon beaten, captured and killed by Cao Cao. His other name is Lu Feng-xian (吕奉先).

lu bu is just a pronunciation in Chinese.In Chinese,there are many characters sharing the same pronunciation like 吕,铝,旅...people pronounce them "lu".

here lu is family name. In han dynasty, for a period of time law fobiden people have 3 character here feng-xian is his "å­—"(i don't know how to translate å­— into English). so you can find a lot names like cao cao, liu bei,guan yu and so on.

nowadays Chinese usually use 3 characters wen jia bao,hu jin tao.

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Q: Who is Lu Bu?
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How old was Lu Bu Feng Xian when he finally got executed?

Lu Bu was 48 years old when he was wxicuted

Does lu bu have a son?

Lu Bu is not real, he is just a fake character in the true story, so people like Cao Cao and Liu Bei are real, but Lu Bu was a person created by Koei for the fun of the game. other answer - Lu Bu does not have a son. Aside from the answer above, he is real. Lu Bu is in the ROTK. He is one of the most skilled warriors in the story but died early because of his carelessness and ignorance.

Is Lu Bu the strongest fighter on Dynasty Warriors 6?

Lu Bu is always the strongest in dynasty, he is the strongest in the whole story, there is noone stronger, even in books, no one can beat him. Cao Cao beat Lu Bu. But in the game, he's not so good. Depends on what you mean by stronger, if you mean in strength and just fighting, Lu Bu is unparalleled, but if you mean battle strategies and war skills, then yes, Cao Cao eventually beat Lu Bu with the help of Liu Bei. Lu Bu's generals betrayed him and fled for Cao Cao.

How do you unlock lu bu in samurai warriors xtreme legends?

You pick any good character, do the Abyss in Survival mode, and get to the 80th floor. Defeat Lu Bu, and clear the floor. Save the game, and you can play Lu Bu in Free Mode.

What is lu bu horse name?

Red Hare

How do you get Lu Bu dw6 ps2?

Complete all the lords, from Wei ,Wu and shu. Then complete Dian Chan muso mode, there you go you have unlock Lu Bu.

Dao Chan is love Lu Bu?

Diao Chan does love Lu Bu, but she also is using him to complete her adopted father's,Wang Yun's, plan to restore the han dynasty. She got close to Lu Bu and she asked him to kill Dong Zhuo so she also is using him.....

Who is the best dynasty warrior?

Darius -maddie Actually it is Lu Bu Actually it depends who you are good with. I can beat Lu Bu on Dynasty Warriors 3 with Zhou Yu and his Elder Sword. I'm awesome like that, beating Lu Bu the way that isn't cheap. And it pays off.

Who killed lu bu?

In Dynasty Warriors 6, he gets killed by Cao Cao. Cao Cao sets a trap for Lu Bu(Lu Bu is really strong but dumb) and he gets caught. Cao Cao sentences Lu Bu to get executed and takes his Red Hare and trades it to Guan Yu(but that's a different story). I'm pro at Dynasty Warriors 6 and i beat the game with every horse king and character. I'll answer any question for you in Dynasty Warriors 6. -jjoo75

On dynasty warriors 6 is zhao yun better then lu bu?

Depends on your style. Lu Bu does have higher stats, but you can like Zhao Yun if you like his skills and combos.

What is the name of lu bu's weapon in dw6?

Sky Piercer

Who is stronger Oda Nobunaga or Lu Bu?

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