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He was the General of the Dutch colony of new Amsterdam a dutch colony in America, was sent by the dutch west India company Minuit was famous for buying the island (s) of Manhattan which is today's new york he bought it from native Americans in 1626.he payed with what as called trinkets which where about $24.he had also found new Amsterdam the southern tip on his island Manhattan in 1631he was released from the dutch India company he headed to the Swedish group (was dismissed from the dutch India company) in 1638. he also bought land from native Americans and founded fort Christina near what is today's Wilmington Delaware he later died in a hurricane in the west indies while on a trading mission in 1638.

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Peter Minuit is best-known for purchasing Manhattan from the Indians for 60 Dutch guilders in 1626. His goal as Governor General of New Amsterdam was to establish a five-member advisory body to the governor general. The advisory body, would jointly with the governor general develop, administer and adjudicate a body of laws to help govern the colony. He proposed to establish and office of what we would today call the Attorney General to enforce the laws on the books.

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Q: Who is Peter Minuit and what did he do?
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Were did Peter Minuit reached?

what did Peter Minuit discover

Who found the colony Delaware?

Peter Minuit

When did Peter Minuit Die?

Peter Minuit died on August 5, 1638.

What religon did peter minuit believe in?

Peter Minuit was a puritan or protestant man.

Who founded Manhattan?

Peter Minuit of the Dutch West India Company.

Bought from the Manhattan Indians by Peter Minuit?

Broygth from the manhattan Indians by Peter Minuit ?

When did peter minuit find new york city?

peter minuit had found it in 1626 or 1624

Did peter minuit find new york?

Peter Minuit found New Amsterdam and was the first governor of New Sweden. Peter Minuit purchased Manhattan Island from the Indians.

Who did peter stuyvesant buy Manhattan island from?

The local indians for $24 worth of trinkets.

Was Peter Minuit the founder of Pennsylvania?

No, Peter Minuit was NOT the founder of Pennsylvania. William Penn founded Pennsylvania.

Are Peter Minuit and Peter Minuet the Same person?

Peter Minuet doesn't seem to exist, but Peter Minuit is the founder of NY (New Amsterdam) and Delaware.

Who found Delaware in 1638?

it was not Lorenzo Heath II it was peter minuit