Who is Walter Thomas Porriott?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Walter Thomas Porriott is a man many believe to be the infamous serial killer Jack the Ripper. Porriot was a convicted killer, rogue impostor, backwater quack and man of a thousand identities and is believed to be buried with his wife in a grave in Brisbane, Australia that merely reads: "Bessie" died 25th June 1957 and her husband. This was because he was so despised by the family.

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Porriott, whose legally acknowledged name was Andrew John Gibson, was buried amid family shame beneath his ever-faithful last wife Eliza "Bessie" Porriott on a hill with Brisbane city views at the Toowong Cemetery. His story continues to fascinate new generations of crime sleuths around the world more than a century later - tonight marks the 120th anniversary of the Ripper's first grisly slaying in the dark back streets of industrial-era England. While Ripper fanatics continue to debate the true identity of Jack the Ripper, some are convinced there is strong evidence implicating Porriott in the string of five prostitute murders. He was a habitual bigamist who broke as many hearts as he did bank accounts by the time he died in 1952. His actual birth name and date of birth - he was believed to have been in his 80s when he died, although officially he was recorded to be 59 - are just some of the secrets he took with him to his grave. But Brisbane City Council records reveal that he now lies beneath "Portion 7A, Section 185, Grave Number 9/10". In 1997 Porriott's Sydney-based great-grandson, Steve Wilson, publicly claimed he had little doubt his late relative was the infamous serial killer. Porriott was in England when all five "confirmed" murders were committed and when he sailed to Australia in November 1888 the murders stopped, among other pieces of supporting evidence. Porriott was also known to be a misogynist - he particularly hated prostitutes - who spent his life marrying women in order to fleece them of their assets before fleeing. Despite all his family's suspicions, many Ripper enthusiasts, known internationally as "Ripperologists", are divided over Porriott's guilt.

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Q: Who is Walter Thomas Porriott?
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