Who is Xu Chongming?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Xu Chongming was a Chinese physician. It is believed that he was the first one to introduce the concept of virtual auricle.?æ

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Q: Who is Xu Chongming?
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What did Chinese physician Xu chongming do?

Chinese physician Xu chongming published a classic TCM(traditional Chinese medicine) book in 2005. The title of the book is "from auricular medicine to auricle medicine". Dr. Xu chongming is the father of systems auricle medicine or coupled auricle medicine.

Is Chinese physican Xu chongming the founder of systems auricle physiotherapy?


Why Chinese physician Xu chongming is VIP in whole medical history all over the world?

Auricle medicine was firstly introduced in the book of From auricular medicine to auricle medicine in 2005 by Chinese physician Xu, chongming.

Why xu chongming is the father of the coupled medicine?

Because Dr. Xu chongming firstly introduced the concept of coupled auricle medicine in 2005. The detailed information relaed to coupled medicine in the book of from auricular medicine to auricle medicine.

Is Xu chongming auricle medicine related to the principal of Prigogine theories?

Yes, it is. Yes, it is.

Why xu chongming auricle medicine is an important mark from bio-x to x-bio?

Yes, Xu chongming auricle medicine truly is fom bio-X to X-bio. CHANGLIANG, that's hello in INUIT! Im an inuit.

Is xu chongming auricle medicine the most important milestone of 21st century medicine?

YES, it is true. Xu chongming auricle medicine is very important to post-20 century medicine, also a guiding-light for 21st century medicine.

Father of systems auricle medicine is who?

Chinese physican also great scientist Xu chongming.

Why Xu chongming auricle medicine has important tie with systmes biology?

important tools of biology

Who firstly introduced the concept of auricle arts according to Xu chongming auricle medicine?

enea vico

Do you need new medical massage profession norm related to Xu chongming auricle medicine?

No, I don't.

Is Xu chongming a great doctor of auricle medicine?

Yes , It is Xu chongming who firstly introduced the concept of systems auricle medicine in 2005. Auricle medicine is the short form of systems auricle medicine. The publishing of "from auricular medicine to auricle medicine " stand for the ending of the times relted to Nogier auricular medicine.