Who is in charge of Britain?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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The Head of State is Queen Elizabeth II and the Head of Government is the Prime Minister James Gordon Brown.

The Queen is head of state of the United Kingdom and the head of government in the UK is Gordon Brown. There is no-one in charge of Great Britain because it is not a country, only part of the UK.

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Q: Who is in charge of Britain?
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What was in charge of Britain during the battle of Britain?

The Prime Minister at the time of the Battle of Britain was Winston Churchill.

Who is in charge of everything in Great Britain?

There is a legislature, prime minister, and court system in Great Britain.

In the war of 1812 who was in charge of great Britain?


Why did Britain colonized Malawi?

who was in charge of the colonialist of malawi

Was Britain in charge of south Africa during the apartheid?


Who did the league of nations put in charge of palestine?

Great Britain

Who is in charge of tourism in the UK?

Visit Britain (formerly known as the British Tourist Board) is an organisation designed to 'promote' and 'market' Britain to tourists. However - it is not 'in charge' of tourism and has no legal status.

Who was in charge of Britain in 1877?

Benjamin_Disraeliwas the Prime Minister, Victoria was the Queen.

Who do you think is powerful in Britain and why?

I think the queen is quite important as she is in charge of the country.

Why did the colonists charge King George 3rd?

he needed to raise money for great Britain

What happened in 407 AD?

In 407 Constantine took charge of the remaining troops in Britain.

Who is Winston churehill?

Winston Churchill was the prime minister of Great Britain( basically he was in charge)