Who is jacues cartier?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Jacques Cartier is a French Explorer who discovered the St. Lawrence River

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Q: Who is jacues cartier?
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Where did jacues cartier die?

at home

What were jacues cartier's successes?

he burped

What was jacues Cartier's dream?

Jacques Cartier's dream was to discover a northwest passage to Asia, which would allow for easier trade routes and access to valuable resources. He believed that finding this passage would bring him great wealth and prestige.

What year did Jacques cartier marry Mary Catherine des granches?

her fathers name is Jacques Des Granches. She got married to jacues cartier in 1520.

Why did Jacues cartier leaveCanada to go back to France?

Jacques Cartier left Canada to go back to France because he faced harsh winter conditions, conflicts with indigenous populations, and lack of resources. Additionally, Cartier was unable to establish a successful settlement in Canada, which led to his decision to return to France.

What did the world learn from jacues Cartier?

That he attempted to find a route to the Pacific ocean through North America. I'm Caleb Bergmann. A straight a student.

Who and when was the last Protea to score a double century?

Jacues kallis

Who claimed Canada's east coast for England?

Jacues Cartier. Jacques Cartier did his voyage in the 15th century so he could not claim Canada whoever wrote the first answer probably wasn't paying attention to the question. Also he spelled his name wrong. By the way he died in 1551

What were the names of Jacques Cartier's parents?

Jacques Cartier's parents were Jamet Cartier and Geseline Jansart.

Is the Jacques Cartier flower named after Jacques Cartier?

Because Jacques Cartier crossed the Sait Lawerence River.

Who sponsered Jacques Cartier?

Jacques Cartier's sponsor was France.

Does Jacques Cartier have a son or daughter?

Yes named Mary Cartier and Coby Cartier