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Bapu is a Hindi name for father. In India The Great Freedom Fighter "Mahatma Mohan Chand Karam Chand Gandhi" is popularly known as Bapu

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Q: Who is popularly called as bapu in India?
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What is Kerala state in India is popularly called.?

God's own country

What is the another name for Gandhiji?

Nethaji, Father of India

Who is popularly called the 'architect of the 6th schedule of the constitution of india?

Design building

Which is the city called pink?

Jaipur in Rajasthan, India is popularly known as the Pink City.

What is Gandhi called lovely?


What was the Quit India movement popularly known as?

The Quit India movement was popularly known as purna swaraj

Who called gandhi as bapu for the first time ever?

Rabindra nath tagore ji addressing him bapu ji,

Indians called Gandhi what?

Mahatma or Bapu.

Why was Gandhi also known as Mahatma?

Mahatma is a person who is held in the highest esteem for wisdom and saintliness and since Gandhi was a very saintly person and was very well respected, people referred to him as Mahatma Gandhi.

Who first called Mahatma Gandhi Bapu?

Mohandas KaramchandGandhi was called 'father of the nation' or 'bapu' during the non cooperation movement because during this time the national movement gained a large scale mass participaton and gandhiji was selected as the leader of this movement ( non-cooperation movement) therefore on an all india scale he was called 'THE FATHER OF THE NATION'.

Who first called Gandhi as bapu?

Rabindra nath tagore

What was Gandhi called by the people of India?

Mahatma - which means great soul. Somtimes, informally, bapu - meaning father. Mahatma Gandhi...born Mohandas K. Gandhi. ~ Eric Putkonen