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Denis Diderot. Voltaire wrote a bit though.

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Denis Diderot

i don't think those were the first encyclopedias ever (there had been some made in China), but they were the Enlightenment-style encyclopedias.

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Denis Diderot

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Q: Who is the French philosopher that supervised the publication of an encyclopedia?
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The "Encyclopedia of Pleasure" was created in 1986 by Alain Danielou, a French historian, musicologist, and philosopher known for his research on ancient India and Hindu culture. The encyclopedia presents a comprehensive exploration of pleasure across various cultures and historical periods.

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Denis Diderot the French philosopher and editor of the first Encyclopedia.

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Denis Diderot was a French philosopher known for editing and publishing the EncyclopΓ©die, a comprehensive French encyclopedia. This work was a major contribution to the Enlightenment movement, as it sought to compile and disseminate knowledge on various sciences, arts, and trades.

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