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Chandragupta Maurya

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Q: Who is the Indian leader that helped expand the mauryan Empire?
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Who helped Chandragupta Maurya rule the Mauryan Empire?

guru chanakya

What were India's first great empire?

There was a couple of first empires but two major ones were the Gupta and the Mauryan empires. Hope this helped!

What is the growth of the Empire Maurya?

The Mauryan empire was an empire in India that lasted from 321 BC to232 BC. The two rulers were Bindusara Brihadratha and his son, and the best ruler Mauyra has ever had, Ashoka Brihadratha. The empire was okay when Bindusara ruled it but when Ashoka ruled it, the empire was so powerful and steady. Ashoka was in charge of the empire and the Mauyrian Empire.

What helped the umayyads to expand their empire?

The Byzantine and Persian empires were weak.

How did Muslim rule expand?

it expanded by the leaders (caliphate helped by expanding the empire

Who were the Guptas of India?

The Gupta empire was the 6th century Indian subcontinent empire. Hope Helped. :~)

How did religion influence the Mauryan Empire?

Religion spread out throughout the Mauryan Empire. Ashoka was the first ruler to promote Buddhism. He sent teachers to spread the religion throughout India. Buddhist teachings and the laws of Ashoka were carved on rocks and tall pillars for all the people to read. It influenced the Mauryan Empire that much.

When did James cook add to the British empire?

he helped the empire expand more and he discovered new places such as the east coast of Australia

How do you think Sumerian technologies might have helped later empire form and expand?

An eye for and eye

Is the Mayan empire the same as the incan empire?

No...they are not. well they were similar they both were indian tribes.....hope this helped

What factor helped Alexander expand his empire?

His persistence in running a 10 year military campaign to take over all the Persian Empire.

Three significant accomplishment of the mauryan rulers?

A giant empire was created in the Indian Subcontinent, which become enormously wealthy through trade. After the Mauryan Empire, India was the largest economy on earth and controlled 33.4% of the world's wealth, and would continue to do so for another 1,100 years. Although the empire started out through wars and conquest, during Ashoka's rule peace was so abundant that there was no standing army in India other than civil police. Advancements in numerous fields of study should also be noted. The Mauryan Empire was the kingdom of Magadha, which was founded by Chandragupta. It stretched all the way until it was almost the entire subcontinent. His children, Bindusara and Ashoka helped expand the Empire. -From Mahir Ali :P